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President - Greg Aitken

Members, it is a great honour to be elected as President of the Ayrshire Referees Association, and having been a member since 2002 some might say it’s overdue! I am very proud to be joining a long list of esteemed colleagues who have also held this position and I would hope to make a similar positive impact like they all did.


Firstly, I’d like to congratulate Ross Haswell on his time as President. He put his heart and soul into leading this Association and despite facing some challenges and witnessing first hand his frustrations, he’s always shown great professionalism and enthusiasm and that’s two traits that I’d hope to copy during my tenure.


A lot of the work as President goes un-noticed, and I can assure every member that Ross gave his everything to the role with the aim of supporting every member as best as he could.

I want the work I do as President to be focussed on progressing the Association to the benefit of every member. I have a lot of ideas that I will present to the Management Committee and between us I’d hope everything we deliver this year will have a positive impact on the Association. I am under no illusions that we have a challenging year ahead, but I have great confidence in the Management Committee this year and I have no doubt that we will have a successful year.


Whilst promising to support every member, in return I ask that you also support me. We need to improve attendance at weekly training, Association meetings, SFA Regional Training Days and social events. All four are vitally important parts of every members development, whether you are new to the Association or one of our more “experienced” members, there is always room to learn and these events are fantastic learning opportunities for us all.

I’d like to finish by wishing every member a successful season, make sure you are regularly reviewing the Laws of the Game, work hard, and conduct yourself in a professional manner both on and off the pitch.


Regards, Greg

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