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Why Bother?

When most fans think about a football match, they tend to think about the two teams, made up of 22 players. But are we not forgetting about someone … the referee?

The referee is the 23rd person on the field of play and their contribution to the sport is sometimes not given the recognition it deserves. The attributes required of a referee are many, but first and foremost they will be a football enthusiast with a deep desire to be involved in the best team sport in the world. They will know the Laws of the Game backwards but equally as important is the ability to apply them fairly and skillfully.

Judge, jury, peacemaker and diplomat are all titles that could apply to our 23rd person, but the top referees must have additional qualities such as excellent fitness, personality and man-management skills to be able to officiate at the highest levels of the game.

How would you fare as a referee? Have you got what it takes to make these instant decisions without the benefit of TV replays? How knowledgeable are you about the game’s rules?

If this whets your appetite please contact our Secretary (Tom Loy) for further details.


The newest member to receive their certificates from President Ricky Crowe are shown below...

The newest members to receive their certificates from Vice President Ricky Crowe are shown below...

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