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How do I find my Pitch?

Whatever level of football you referee at, it is hoped that the link to the map below will help you to find your pitch.




There are a number of ways to search the addresses, with the general tips being as follows:
1) There are 4 layers shown on the left-hand side of the page (Senior& Pro Youth, Junior, Amateur, and Other Grades). These layers can be selected/deselected by clicking the square box next to the layer e.g. removing the 3 layers for Junior, Amateur, and other Grades, will only show 7 pitches/venues (these being Rugby Park, Grange Academy, and Stewarton Sports Club for Kilmarnock, Somerset Park, Belmont Academy, and Auchinleck Academy for Ayr, and Kilwinning Sports Club for both Ayr and Kilmarnock.
2) If you have all 4 layers selected, then you can hover over a section within the layer. For example, hovering over the South Ayrshire section of the Amateur layer will highlight these grounds with white circles round them.
3) Clicking on any icon on the map, will bring up the full details of the ground i.e. who plays there (Senior and Pro Youth, Junior and Amateur only), the name of the ground, closest street address, and postcode.
4) Within the white box next to the blue magnifying glass, any user should be able to search for any ground that has been added. Within this box, you can enter any of the following:
- Team Name
- Ground (in the case of Auchinleck Talbot, when you enter Beechwood Park, Auchinleck Talbot should come up on the drop-down menu)
- Address (in the case of Newlands Drive, Kilmarnock, as you enter Newlands, Craigie AFC should come up on the drop-down menu)
- Postcode (As above, if you enter the postcode for the ground, the club playing at the ground should come up on the drop-down menu)
5) On the bottom right of the screen, you should see a "+" and "-". These buttons allow you to zoom in, or out, of the map.
6) The "other grounds layer" lists all grounds that are within the relevant local authority area, and that I have been unable to affiliate a club to e.g. Almswall Road in Kilwinning. For all boys club sides, the addresses for their grounds will come up when searching the map in the white box (as per number 4), albeit, the specific club name will not show. For example, KSC Kilbride play at Kilwinning Sports Club. Searching for Kilwinning Sports Club will bring up the full address of the club on the map, putting in KSC Kilbride will bring up no results.
7) The general colour scheme for Amateur and other Grades is as follows:
Purple - East Ayrshire Grounds
Light Green - South Ayrshire Grounds
Orange - North Ayrshire Grounds
There are a number of Amateur clubs sharing grounds.  You can still search by the club name, and the division that they play in is shown in brackets after their name.
Due to no ground sharing within the Juniors, the clubs are split by the relevant leagues i.e. Talbot in the Premier, Cumnock in the first, Lugar in the Ayrshire District League.
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