Ayrshire Referees Association
Ayrshire Referees Association

Association Council

The Council carries out the day to day administration of the Association. In addition to the Office bearers, the Council consists of six other members, inclusive of the immediate Past President, and the duly elected Social Committee Chairman and the Chairman of the Minor Grade Advisory Panel.

Office Bearers

The Office bearers of the Association consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer. These positions are eligible for annual re-election at the AGM in March apart from the President who serves 1 year only.

Elected at the 2017 AGM, these positions are as follows:


President - David Forbes
Vice President- David Burns
Secretary/Appointments Co-ordiniator - Derrick Park
Assistant Manager - Jim Laird
Treasurer-Ross Haswell
Social Committee Chair-Calum Scott
Minor Grade Advisory Chair-David Rorison
Steven Kirkland
Drew Kirkland
Dougie Smith

In addition to the Council Members, the Association Manager Dougie Smith also attends Council.

The Council meets on the Tuesday (after training) preceeding that month's Assocation meeting and on the Friday immediately prior to the monthly meeting to discuss the business of the Association.