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Referees in Senior Football

The Ayrshire Referees Association currently has 18 members on the SFA's list of Senior Referees. These referees are allocated matches which are run by the SFA, SPL, SFL, South of Scotland League, East of Scotland League and the SJFA.

The List of Senior Referees is broken into 9 categories, and this determines at which level a referee can officiate. Above this level is the FIFA International List and these referees can officiate at Champions League, UEFA Cup & FIFA/ UEFA competitions. The diagram below highlights the new referee structure:

Ayrshire's Senior Referees are as follow:

Category 1:


John McKendrick


Greg Aitken


Kevin Graham

Steven Kirkland

Category 1 Development

Calum Scott

Category 2 Development


Calum Haswell

Category 3 Specialist Assistant Referee


Andrew McWilliam


Ross Haswell


Drew Kirkland

Category 3 Specialist Assistant Referee (Development)


Colin McAlpine

Category 3 - Assistant Referee


David Ingram

Ross Menzies


Paul Timmons

Category 3 Development Referee


Gary Train


Liam Gallagher

Category 4

Jamie Shepherd

Category 4 Development

Chris Trainer

Josh Hay



Nicolas Speirs


Ryan Stewart

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