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Ayrshire Referees Association

President's Message


I’m often asked why I considered becoming a referee in the first place.  Having played football in to my mid 30’s, I knew my time as a regular in the starting line-up could come to an end shortly.  I wanted to stay involved in football but couldn’t see myself as a coach.

I started to watch and listen to referees during my games and felt I had the possible attributes to do well in such a role.  After all, refereeing in its simplest form is managing 22 players and their coaches!

Our Association includes referees from all sorts of backgrounds, all with their own reason for getting involved – extra money while studying at university, to better understand the Laws of the Game, to lose weight, for the love of the game, or simply realising they are unlikely to make it to the top as a player…!

Refereeing is a wonderful hobby – it keeps you fit, it enhances skills that are transferable to the workplace and there are great social opportunities too.  For those operating at the highest level, the rewards are excellent while you have the best view in the stadium of the match.

The growth in women’s football has resulted in our female referee membership increasing and this is a trend that I hope will continue for the foreseeable future.

To support our members, regular meetings help us to learn while training sessions are held for people of all fitness levels on a Tuesday evening.  Our new members are further supported through a Development Academy and a mentor who offers advice and support during those early days as a newly qualified referee.

If you’d like to get involved or find out more, browse our web pages or feel free to get in touch with me  president@ayrshirerefs.co.uk


David Burns



Meetings include an in depth coaching slot by our Grade 1 referee, John McKendrick.  These participative sessions of match footage help to develop consistency in the interpretation of the Laws of the Game, no matter what level of football we referee at.


From August 2018 the four meetings will take place on  :

2018: 24th August, 11th November, 

2019: 11th January, 8th March, 26th April